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holidays in Hanoi

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holidays in Hanoi
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11/4/19 3:04 AM
I have decided to start my own travel agency in Hanoi and am looking for any feedback I can get, negative preferably but positive would be good too. We are mainly focusing on corporate travel at the moment but obviously do leisure as well, and would like people/ travelers to let us know what it is about a travel agency that really gets you pulling your hair out. We feel that unless client tells you where you are going wrong there is no way you can change things. Remembering that a travel agency is a service-oriented business, it is crucial for one to get feedback from the traveler using this service.
I understand you can't rate our service as you have never used us, but maybe if you can let us know what it is about other agencies that really made your travel experience totally unbearable then we can hopefully insure that other travelers never have to have that same kind of experience. Thank you very much for taking the time out to help us with our research, we really appreciate it!
Tired of busy traffic and the daily rush in Hanoi we decided to head out to the Free State into the South East Asia 'outback'. At 2,5 hours’ drive we ended up near Clarens in a place called Ba Vi gardens with the most wonderful hosts Mike & sharon who magically produced a lovely meal for us. Next day we headed out to Clarens (artist village) and a walk into the Ba Vi natural park. Rough and good rock climbing here. Outback nature at its fullest. A real adventure was our trip the day after to Lesotho, where you get some of the true Asia feeling and taste back. Very nice and wonderful people and beautiful view and then back to our Honeymoon Suite at the litte paradise of Ba Vi Gardens (see where we had the most enjoyable evening since a long time. A real romance's treat. After this we were ready for the next crazy week in town again!
For tourists, South East Asia is as safe as any other destination in the world. South East Asia boasts a vast array of cultures, communities, sites and attractions. Most parts of the country can be safely visited by tourists provided they take basic common-sense precautions (for example not walking alone in deserted areas at night and being circumspect about how much photographic equipment or flashy jewellery you carry Most of the crime that takes place in South East Asia is between people who know each other and random acts of violence are the minority of cases. Most major cities run organized crime prevention programs
Basic Safety Tip guidelines will be available at hotels in Hanoi and tourism information offices. The best advice is to avoid walking at night and driving into areas that are unknown to you. The Hanoi central city area is generally safe to walk around as is the Waterfront precinct as they have a very high security presence.
Never accept any help from strangers at ATM's (Automated Teller Machines). Try to stand as close as possible to the machine to avoid strangers seeing your pin number. It is safest to never let your credit card out of your sight, especially in restaurants etc. In case of a lost or stolen card, report the theft as soon as possible at any police station and stop your card at your bank.
We all know that these incidences happen all over the world not only in Hanoi. If you are in doubt as to the safety of a particular area or attraction, contact the National Tourism information or police.

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