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Almus OTC

About Almus

Almus OTC

The Almus OTC range offers pharmacists and their patients a trusted, quality alternative to the leading over the counter brands.

Launched in 2008 in the UK, the Almus OTC range builds on the award-winning success and brand recognition of Almus generic medicines.

Almus OTC products have clear and easy to identify packaging at a truly affordable cost. The range includes analgesics, allergy relief treatments, gastro-intestinal medicines and women's health products.

Benefits of the Almus OTC range:

  • Value for money for patients and improved profit margins for pharmacies
  • Products available in singles
  • Offers a value alternative to leading brands
  • Clearly designed, user-friendly packaging

Designed to aid dispensing

Almus Medical Information Line

+44 (0) 800 917 7983