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Design Concept

About Almus

Design Concept

The Almus pack design was created specifically to help pharmacists and patients to differentiate generic medicines. The design clearly communicates essential information and reduces the potential for dispensing errors by triggering active-thinking before dispensing.


When we launched our vibrant, user focused packaging in 2003 we created a storm, and broke the mould in a market where white, poorly differentiated packs were the norm. Nearly ten years on, Almus packaging continues to stand out in dispensaries across the UK and remains true to our mission:

"To be at the forefront of generic medicine packaging design to enhance patient safety - offering a real point of difference for pharmacists and their patients."
Everything we do seeks to support the promotion of patient safety, improve operational efficiency, and of course maintain competitive pricing for pharmacists, patients and payors.

Designed to aid dispensing

Almus Medical Information Line

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