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Atorvastatin added to the range

Atorvastatin added to the range

Atorvastatin added to the range

Almus Pharmaceuticals today announces the addition of Atorvastatin to its range of generic medicines.  This is one of the most prescribed statins in the UK, used to regulate blood cholesterol levels. 

Tony Foreman, CEO Almus Pharmaceuticals, is delighted to announce this launch: "Atorvastatin is a great new addition and builds upon our award-winning range of generic medicines for our customers.  We are pleased to be working in partnership with Pfizer on this product, following on from their patent expiry of Lipitor in May 2012.  This therefore means that the Almus tablets are therapeutically identical, at all dosage levels, to the originator brand, providing further confidence for your patients.  Almus is committed to the ongoing expansion of its range in order to support its customers' dispensary requirements."

Jason Perfitt, Head of Customer and Channel Marketing at Pfizer said "we are delighted to be working with Almus to provide them with an own label version of Atorvastatin. This has been the largest selling prescription medicine in the world for many years and we see this as a great opportunity to enable as many pharmacists and patients as possible to continue to receive Atorvastatin from the same manufacturer as they have done for all the years prior to patent expiry."

Atorvastatin Tablets 28 packs are available nationwide in 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 80mg strengths and can be ordered using the PMR system or through the Almus sales line, 0800 032 0579.

Almus leads the way in product packaging, accuracy in dispensing and safety for both the pharmacist and patients. Clear product differentiation is achieved through colour contrasts and the life-like pill on pack.  Almus also offers patients a trusted, quality alternative to the leading over the counter brands.

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